90 Day Warranty

Our used car engines and parts are provided with a 90 day warranty. Although we specialise in Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge second hand parts we also have many other makes of cars always breaking. These are a great buy and you will find our customer service to be very good. We strive to offer high quality Chrysler engines, gearboxes and parts. We also have for sale other makes and models. Our used car engines for sale are available for many different types of vehicles.

Refurbished Parts

Whether you are looking for a used car engine or a Refurbished engine, you can count on our 90 day warranty. This is offered exclusively by Jeep Chrysler Parts UK.

Our used Chrysler engines and parts come from vehicles that have been dismantled. We have state of the art facilities to accommodate the Jeep and Chrysler car parts removal. We only accept late model, low mileage used cars for breaking.

Pre Tests

When possible, we run the car parts up to operating temperature before the engine is removed from the vehicle. Once the engine is removed, a compression check is performed on all cylinders and then the oil and coolant is drained.

When an order arrives the engine, gearbox or parts are sealed and packed ready for shipment with an incredible 90 day warranty.

Items With No Warranty Included

Components that may be left on the engine include alternator, a/c compressor, steering pump, air cleaner assembly, wire harness, exhaust manifolds, throttle body, engine computer, and brackets. However, these components are not included in the engine warranty.

After you purchase and before you install a used or refurbished replacement engine, gearbox or part, please inspect before use. You should make sure other components in the engine compartment are in good condition as we are not responsible if pre installed part fails. The parts that you should inspect include hoses and any vacuum lines, motor mounts, air conditioning system, if equipped, including high and low side hoses, starter, and radiator.

Our 90 day warranty includes all parts

Save time and money by using our choosing our 90 day warranty and find parts or to all car makes and models. Search us now for your discount Chrysler auto spare parts – Chrysler Auto Salvage, Damaged Repairable Chrysler vehicles

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