If you place your parts order before noon your order will be processed and if possible it will be shipped out the same day, or the next business day. We will usually be able to tell you at the point of ordering.

It will take an additional 2-5 working day to receive your parts delivery. All orders are shipped via Parcel Force and tracked. When calculating when your parts should arrive, please remember that working days are only Monday to Friday and do not include weekends or holidays.

NOTE: If you have ordered a large part such as engine or gearbox, you may be contacted by Parcel Force to arrange the delivery of your shipment.

To track your parts order we will email you the tracking number which can be tracked from the Parcel Force Website.

Tail Lift

A tail lift is necessary when the part you are receiving is too heavy for you and the delivery person to lift off the vehicle. Lifting a large engine off of the lorry usually takes three adults (the delivery person plus two additional people). If you will be receiving your heavy parts alone or if you have special needs, it is recommended that you request the additional service of having a vehicle fitted with a tail lift when your large and heavy part is delivered.

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